Quality Policy

We, Jain Irrigation, have developed our Quality Policy, which stands on the following pillars:

  • Total commitment towards attaining complete satisfaction of customers
  • Ensuring protection & advancement of Environment.
  • Having leadership in the market
  • Strive for excellence in quality
  • Ensure sustainable development of stakeholders.

Our production capacity is outstanding, our hunger for growth is deep and our commitment towards serving quality unflinching. Over the decades, we have continuously worked hard and focused towards improving productivity. Our inclination has always been on bringing innovation and up-gradation in our product-line and people. It is due to our strict quality policy that we are known for serving the most reliable Sprinkler Irrigation Systems & Components, Green Houses, Solar Water Heater, Safety Valve, Drowsing Pump, Screen Pipes, etc.

Environmental Policy

We never encourage exploitation of natural resources for economic development, rather we believe that there should be proper balance between development & environment. We have made our environmental policy, which focuses on several areas including increase in green cover, control of pollution and conservation of natural resources. We are fulfiling promises to environment by bringing regular improvements, updations of processes and spreading awareness. In addition to environmental, we have policies for:

  • Energy and GHG Policy
  • Policy for Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace
  • Quality, Occupational Health, Environment & Safety Policy of Jain Plastic Park





Our company started with trading business of Agricultural Inputs and Equipment


We started PVC Pipe Extrusion Plant


Micro Irrigation System of our company was pioneered


We started our own R&D Demonstration & Training center


Our Plastic Sheet Manufacturing plant was started


We started units of Tissue Culture, PE Pipes Plants, Vegetable Dehydration and Solar Water Heaters


Our green field Fruit Processing Plant was established


We set up green field projects in turnkey of irrigation company


  • We set up our own biogas based 1.7/MW captive power plant and photovoltaic panel assembly line.
  • We also commenced manufacturing work of new production facility.


We introduced change in business model of MIS to model of Cash & Carry


Our company stepped into the business of solar pumping systems


We started our plumbing system

Organic Growth

  • 2004: Acquired production unit in Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh (India) for MIS & Pipes
  • 2005- Bought a manufacturing factory in Tamil Nadu, India for MIS & Pipes
  • 2006- Made more acquisition, which includes Fruit Processing Facility in Chittoor (andhra Pradesh), Chapin Tape (USA Irrigation Company), Nucedar Mills Inc., Chicope, USA and Dehydration unit in Baroda of Gujarat (India).
  • 2007- Acquired NaanDan, Israel Irrigation Company and Aquarious, USA Irrigation Company
  • 2008- Our company acquired The Machine Switzerland Equipment Manufacturing
  • 2010- We acquired sleaford UK- Agri Processing Distribution Company
  • 2011- Protocol, Switzerland Manufacturing Company was acquired by us
  • 2012- Acquired White Oak USA Frozen Food organization

Board of Directors

Shri Ashok Bhavarlal Jain handles operations of the company as the Executive Chairman. He holds an advanced graduate degree in commerce from Pune University, India. He joined supervisory group in 1982 and was accountable for marketing and expansion work of the company in Maharashtra and different States. In 1993 he progressed toward becoming Director and was in charge of Corporate Administration, Events Management, Corporate Image and Relationships, Communication, Public Relations, Personnel/Human Resource Development, Art and Publicity. At present he works as the director of the Solar and TC Business.

Shri Ashok Bhavarlal Jain
has been the Managing Director as well as Vice Chairman of the Company since 1993. He has commerce degree from Pune University and Law Degree from Mumbai University. He joined supervisory crew in 1984 and was responsible for our US based marketing work. Mr. Anil Jain has a broad knowledge and involvement in Banking, Finance, Strategic Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, Collaborations, Export Marketing, Restructuring Operations, International Business Relations and Joint Ventures.

Shri Ajit Bhavarlal Jain has been the Joint Managing Director of the Company right from the year 1994. He has passed his graduation in engineering field from Dnyaneshwar University. He is chief responsible for trickle water system division including direction for augmentation, administration and improvements of new applications and items of the company. He joined management panel of company in 1984 and began his preparation underway and maintenance work of the pipe division. Amid the period from 1985-1990, he was responsible for building up our new pipe creation plant in Madhya Pradesh. In 1991, he was delegated as Director with the duties of the assembling plant at Jalgaon, including tasks of production, marketing and maintenance.

Shri Atul Bhavarlal Jain
has been working as the Joint Managing Director of the Company, since 2011. He holds an advanced graduation degree in commerce field from Pune University, India. He joined the management group in 1992. From 1994-2000, he was responsible for our Europe-based marketing activities and was in charge of for creating & keeping up the market demands for PVC Sheets, Fruit Pulp, Dehydrated Onion and many other products. Currently, he centers around marketing offerings of our company on a worldwide level, in addition to taking responsibilities of our piping division.

Shri R. Swaminathan is a Director as well as Chemical Engineer in charge of production tasks of Polytube, PVC & PE Pipe, Sprinkler, PVC & PC Sheets, etc. He has been involved in the operation & maintenance work of plants from past 34 years. He has been dealing things such as as Plastics Extrusion, Solvent Extraction and Injection Molding. In the year 1982, he joined the Jain Group and was selected a Director in 1996.

Shri Devendra Raj Mehta is an Independent Director, who has passed his graduation in Arts and done Law from Rajasthan University. He has also learned at Alfred Sloan School of Management, MIT, Boston and Royal Institute of Public Administration, London. After completion of education, he joined Indian Administrative Service in 1961 and held imperative positions in the Govt. of Rajasthan and then in the Govt. of India. He has worked as a Chairman of Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI). He is credited for changing the Capital Markets of India into a modern, productive, safe, sheltered and an exceptionally speculator inviting one. His earlier renowned postings incorporate the Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India and Additional Secretary, Banking, Ministry of Finance. He was hired in the company as Independent Director on 11th August, 2014.

Shri Ghanshyam Dass is an Independent Director. He has an exceptional experience of over 34 years in local & international Banking & Capital Markets. Amid the experience, he built up a firm understanding of global markets and today hold rich knowledge of administrative and business conditions of the USA, South East Asia, European Union, India, The Middle East, and other significant money centered economies. Mr. Dass has worked as an Advisor to Intel Capital, individual from TiE, Bangalore Hardware Task Force, Association of Biotech Led Enterprises (ABLE), Member Academic Council – Union Bank School of Management and Member of the CII National Council on Corporate Governance and Regulatory Framework. He has also worked as Founder Member Association of Outsourcing Professionals (AOP), CII National Committee on Capital Markets & Government Nominee on the Governing Council of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Mr. Dass is an individual from Brickwork Ratings Committee (A Credit Rating Agency) and Vice President Karnataka Athletics Association. Additionally, he is an Independent Director of Dhanalakshmi Bank, he was delegated as Independent Director on 11th August, 2014.

Smt. Radhika Periera is an Independent Director. She is an alumini of Mumbai University, amassing in science and law, and has a LLM degree from Cambridge (England) & Harvard (USA). Currently, she is working as a Partner of Dudhat, Pereira and Associates, Advocates, Mumbai. Before joining Dudhat, Pereira and Associates, she has worked with famous companies like Blunt and Caroe, Mulla and Mulla, Cragie, Arthur Anderson and Co, Mumbai, Advocates and Solicitors, Mumbai and as a Partner in Udwadia and Udeshi, Advocates, Mumbai. On 11th August 2014, she was delegated as an Independent Director of our company.

Shri Vasant V Warty is an Independent Director of our company. He is an alumni of Arts and law field, has diploma in Managerial Accounting from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute and has passed CAIIB. In October 1966, Mr. Warty joined State Bank of India as a Probationary Officer and held different positions of Branch Management field, it includes International Banking faculty member of employee of State Bank Staff College, Zonal Office in Mumbai and GM work of Commercial Banking and CGM Orissa State. He has joined us as Independent Director (Additional Director) on August 11th, 2014.

Shri Harishchandra Prasad Singh is an Independent Director. During 1969-1971; he has done M.Sc (Hort), with Gold Medal, RAU, Pusa, Samastipur. He has also done Ph.D with merit certificate from UAS, Bangalore during 1982-1985. Post Doctorate, he has done D.Sc (Honoris causa) from OUAT, Bhubaneswar, 2009. He is a man with logical greatness, reliable administration, dynamic management abilities, scholastic profundity, research, expertise and knowledge about agriculture & agriculture. His commitment has lead our company to streamlining of output, result and delivery. He is called prime mover for horticulture research and development work in India, he is a planner of Golden Revolution. Currently, he is The Founder & Chairman of Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India (CHAI), where he is responsible for accelerating the economic development rate by providing solutions for rising challenges of the field. He was delegated as Independent Director on 11th August, 2014.

Awards & Achievements

  • Received 144 National, 10 International and 40 State level award for good performance in maintaining Fair Business Practices, Research and Development, Entrepreneurship and Exports.
  • Due to commitment towards serving quality, we have won awards from Angola, America, Argentina, Australia, Netherlands, UAE, Nepal and UK
  • Crawford Reid Memorial Award has been given to our chairman Mr. B. H. Jain. by Irrigation Association, USA for "Significant Contribution to the Irrigation Industry outside the United States".
  • Our chairman, Mr. Jain was recently honored jointly by UNESCO and WATER DIGEST by conferring on him "WATER CONSERVER OF INDIA" award because of his work in the field of society upliftment. These have been stated chronologically from 1978 till 2006.

Global Reach

  • Anubhuti School, Jalgaon
  • Cascade Specialties, Inc,USA
  • Ex-Cel Plastics, Ireland
  • Gandhi Research Foundation
  • Innovafood, Belgium
  • Jain Americas Inc, USA
  • Jain Farm Fresh
  • Jain Irrigation, USA
  • Jain Sulama, Turkey
  • NaanDanJain
  • Nucedar Mills Inc, USA
  • SAFL
  • Sleaford Quality Foods, UK
  • The Machines, Switzerland
  • Valley Spice

Sustainability at JAINS

Corporate Citizenship
We are known to do business according to social conscience. We work in the field of education, environment, health and culture to help the society in becoming more vital and vibrant. We founded 'Jain Charities', a Public Charitable Trust in 1982, to responsibly contribute to the society as one secular body. This way, the trust is able to support anyone in need from any community whether Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jain or Parsi. We have good presence in rural India, as native of villages are contributing as the Trustees. This helps in paying special attention towards those parts of society that are generally neglected. To keep a pace with this energetic and dynamic society; The Jain Charities has prepared its goals as below:

  • Improvement in education and literacy
  • Promotion of physical fitness, sports and games.
  • Arrange medical relief.
  • Initiate and Support various cultural and other relative projects for the society.
  • Contribute to environmental development in rural areas.

To express their sincere gratitude and contribute in the society, following are some symbolical involvements of our trust:

Our focus on education, especially agriculture-oriented and particularly in rural areas, can be seen in various educational institutes. Whereas, we have also established an Agricultural College and two Rural Schools at the village of Wakod. Anubhuti English Medium School and Anubhuti Residential School are established in Jalgaon. In future, we aim to establish a University which will have its primary focus on sustainable agriculture, water and cleanliness for food security. Some other educational activities that we conduct are Student's personality development and better aptitude knowledge to prepare for the competition with the world. Scholarships are provided to the students on the basis of merits. We focus on all sections of the society to support people for education in India or abroad. As per educational initiatives:

  • At Wakod village, a primary school has been established.
  • At R&D Farm, Mohadi, a kinder-garden has been set up with free uniforms and books.
  • At Jalgaon, a Junior College has been established. (This is dedicated to the late Shaikh Noor Mohd. Chacha, who was an inspiring support in our initial years.)
  • At Chandwad, a Poly-technic has been funded where the students are provided with guidance to prepare for NTSE, PMT & JEE etc.

Health & Medical

  • A dispensary is built and initiated.
  • Medical camps are organized on regular basis.
  • Seminars are organized to deliver education regarding alternative medicine disciples such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda and others.
  • A survey was conducted to learn and collect information which will help the organization to deliver required support in future.


  • A modern and facilitated gym has been set up.
  • Courses to deliver health education are frequently conducted.
  • Competitions in ancient and traditional Indian games are organized and supported time-to-time.
  • Children of under 10 year age group are adopted and trained for national-level and state-level sports.

Jain Sports Academy
This academy provides coaching and courses on health and sports education. Some of the games in which Jain Sports conducts competitions are volleyball, kho-kho, table tennis, swimming, badminton, trekking, cricket, skating, cycle racing, carrom, football, basketball and many more. The academy takes admission of both boys and girls to prepare them for national-level and state-level tournaments. International Representation in Various Sports. Following students, represented the Academy in the international arena:

  • Akshya Darekar (Cricket)
  • Akshay Devalkar (Badminton)
  • Vivek Alwani (Table tennis)
  • Bhagyashree Patil (Chess)


Our trust:

  • Sponsors plays and dramas
  • Organizes song competitions and orchestras
  • Hosts dance competition and folk dances
  • Hosts humor Melas and Kavi Sammelans


  • Renovated Temples (Mandir) and Tombs (Dargah).
  • Constructed Dharamshala (Inn) and Sthanaks (Adobe for Jain Saints).
  • Conducted open talks and debates for eminent thinkers.


  • Organized programmes on Yoga and Transcendental Meditation.

Environmental Focus

From years, we have been:

  • Organizing visits to locations like Jain Valley for environmental awareness, education and guidance.
  • Developing & transforming a barren land into a cultivable land.
  • Developing sanctuary (Abhayaranya).
  • Taking steps towards afforestation by distributing plant saplings.
  • Promoting clean and healthy environment through maintenance of Gardens and City Traffic Islands.


Understanding our responsibilities towards society, we organize many important social events in the city, which includes several youth festivals, seminars, matrimonial match-making functions, helping handicapped persons  and vice elimination activity. We have built our community hall at Wakod to help people of society in organizing events. Our other initiatives are:

Gandhi Research Foundation

To inculcate Gandhian values, Gandhi Research Foundation was started by us. Around 100,953 students participated exams conducted in schools & colleges of Maharashtra on Gandhian Thoughts during the year 2012-13. Following bullets highlight happenings and events of this foundation:

  • On 2nd January 2013 at the Gandhi Teerth auditorium, a lecture was delivered by Dr. Rajendra Pachauri delivered on Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy in today's world
  • In order to educate villagers on Gandhian values, the foundation conducted Krishi Vikas Prabodhan Yatra in Khandesh
  • In villages of Wakod, Shirsoli and Kadholi, a Bal Vikas Prabodhan Shibir was conducted by the trust for around 45,000 students and 5,000 for introducing them to modern agriculture practices
  • To update visitors about values, works and life of Gandhi ji, GRF started a Gandhi museum in Gandhi Teerth premises and the museum was visited by 34,838 visitors in the year 2013-14.
  • Other programs by GRF are senior citizen felicitation function, village cleaning campaign in Wakod, Ahimsa Probhodhan Yatra, Takarkehda water harvesting project, Kadholi Road building and a girls college in Shirsoli.

Kantai Dam

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. entered into public-private partnership to establish infrastructure for regional benefit. In October, 2013, the dam was inaugurated and our company using captive competencies commissioned this project in half the usual cost and around fourth of the prevailing time. Following were the conditions that were accepted by us to build this dam:

  • First, our company will be statutorily entitled to have 50% of the pooled water, which estimates around three-year payback from the water arbitrage opportunity.
  • Secondly, the dam will never acquire even one square foot of peripheral farm area  as environmentalists are waiting in the wings.
  • Thirdly, the dam will enrich nearly 1200 hinterland families and 4000 acres of land of mostly mid-level farmers (two to 12 acres per holding on average).

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